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Longterm Relationship

Unfortunately, our happiness is often hampered the so-called myths about marriage. Something about the idyllic family life we have learned from books, something that showed off a glib tongue girlfriend, something we invent ourselves and of what was dazzled such ideas about marriage, realize that you know you can not. Myth number one – the …

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Parenting Practices

Very often we do not think about how we raise our children. And if they reflect, in those moments when the child's behavior does not fit into our idea of normal. Where are our ideas about the norm? In Basically, the parent of the family and parenting style advocated by the society at the time …

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Typical System

Majorities of a Typical System of Handling of Emergencias the complexity of the handling of emergencias, along with the increasing necessity of the commitment of multiple organisms, dependencies and agencies in the emergencias, are these urban or industrialists, has increased the necessity to have a system standardized and adaptable of handling of emergencias not only …

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