October 2018 archive

Census Grund GmbH

Horst Bogatz: ‘customer satisfaction is and remains our first priority’ Berlin, in January 2010: Horst Bogatz, Managing Director of real estate company census Grund GmbH & co. KG, draws a very positive conclusion at the turn of the year. Especially the consistently high customer satisfaction according to Horst Bogatz offers opportunity to start the new …

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Fill With Life

PIDAS shows ways to an experienced customer orientation in Zurich at the customer care day 2012, January 5, 2012 that the customer experience management (CEM) is not another vague phrase from marketing departments, but to a profound and promising strategy approach, demonstrate the PIDAS AG and CustVox AG at this year’s Customer Care Day. Foundry …

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The Publisher

The only way shipyards and churches in the right build and hire workers. The game will be decided by prudent action, long-term planning and acquired Royal privileges, the value of which can rise up to the final settlement of Navegador immensely. Are the privileges for Navegador the perhaps the greatest challenge for game inventors Mac …

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