January 2014 archive

European Stations

If there is a chance to find a gas station, where you can only fill the tank, it is only in the area. In the class of Medium settled nearly all of St. Petersburg service stations. The difference mainly lies in size and quality range of shops, as well as the list of additional services. …

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Good Idea

With the advance of the technology and it was of the information in full vapor, we must give to total emphasis to the term humanizao, therefore the products and you scheme are to the disposal of all and it is not more distinguishing in the corporative world, to put, what they will become something valuable …

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Advertise on souvenirs – why is it useful? Good advertisers know the secret of a successful brand – this logo, slogan and a good, corporate identity, brand, website, packaging … The list goes on. Brand – this is something very important for the implementation of successful sales, but, at the same time, it is abstract. …

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