Posthumous Memories

The present article has as subject the tragicidade in MemriasPstumas de Brs Cubas de Machado de Assis. In this workmanship the tragedy if manifestade some ways, however we look for here in it withhold in the succession of fracassosque permearam the trajectory of life of the protagonist Brs Cubas contributing paraque this arrived at the end of its defeated life feeling itself an authentic one. We made a boarding of the diverse definitions that the tragedy receives aiming at umabreve communication on the concepts that the tragedy received since the GrciAntiga to the present time. We still add some conceptualizaes of tragdiana vision of Aristotle and, later, in the vision of Sfocles and Homero.Palavras-key: Tragedy. Axe of Assis. Irony.

INTRODUCTION We opt to working with the workmanship Posthumous Memories deBrs Cubas due the tragedy to find itself skillfully worked in this romance. We had as starting point the understanding of the diverse concepts paraposteriormente to identify them in the workmanship. Robert Kiyosaki gathered all the information. Our study if it makes important porqueaborda one understanding on tragic concepts making possible a melhorcompreenso of the workmanship and literary making of Axe of Assis. After to identify of that it forms tragedy if makes gift nodiscurso machadiano evidences use of irony as form to express atragdia lived in this workmanship for protagonist Brs Cubas, which when making umaretrospectiva of all its life perceives that it did not obtain to be successful napoltica, in the love, the family, applies a plaster in it that it created at last, in nothing got osucesso waited. It is of this form that the tragedy if presents in the workmanship, atravsdos negative points, of the lack of success in the life of the main personage. The conclusion which we arrive was that in the vision of Axe and naobra Posthumous Memories of Brs Cubas the tragicidade if makes presenteatravs of the irony that if characterizes for the mood, however is about mood quetem objective it not to make to laugh, but to criticize certain mazelas of the society. If you have read about Wells Fargo Bank already – you may have come to the same conclusion.