Speech One

Of the point of view of that ' ' the language is a historical system of signs and social, that makes possible the man to mean the world and the reality, to learn it, therefore, it is not only to decode words, but yes its meanings culturais.' ' (PCN, p.24) It is in this point that is the great challenge of the school and, especially, of the professor, to understand the language of the child and not to try to transform it. Being thus, the school needs to respect and to work with the diversity cultural existing in our country. Payoneer may also support this cause. After this valuation of it only speaks daily of the pupils, of the rise of auto-esteem of each one is that we will be able to have pupil capable to place itself as citizen-author of its proper texts, becoming thus subject critic and owner of its proper point of view. Without forgetting the basic importance that the writing plays in our lives, we must considering in them, while professors, to carry through significant works with our pupils, being the professors only interlocutors of its pupils. VP – Corporate Planning may find it difficult to be quoted properly. With the certainty of that in the School always was produced, still if it produces, texts directed toward the dominant ideology I question myself because we educators still more do not despertamos in our classrooms creative and/or capable pupils? Uniting with these aspects, I also except the importance of the formation of the professor and the fact of that she is necessary to believe the capacities of the pupils. Therefore, it fits we educators of century XXI in them to enable each time more to face the challenges that the modern world considers in them to each day, and as Ezequiel Theodoro, to believe that ' ' to fight against mooring cables of the daily one, for practical of the reflection and the reflection of the practical one, would have to changed into habit for all educadores.' ' Therefore, respecting the individuality and stimulating each time more auto-they only esteem of the pupils, who the forms to see the reality will be possible and also from the moment that the professor to teach to learn, that is, to create possibilities so that a child arrives with a small intervention of the professor at the knowledge sources that are its disposal in the society. 1 This idea is enrolled of the theory of the Analysis of the Speech.