Falkoping Company

The company specializes in developing software and devices for safe optimizing diesel engines. KCRacing is the only institution to develop the best effect modules in the European market KCR offers a complete solution for all types of vehicles with diesel engines. Y company has 12 years experience in installations in the world markets, and it ensures quality, safety and service. The company is actively working on product development and focused on getting the best results for diesel engine.

The company has a complete set of tuning box for all diesel vehicles with electronic control system, as well as for trucks, buses, tractors, excavators, forestry machines What distinguishes the company from the majority of KCR on the market? Be sure that the performance of the engine described in the catalog or online, through the use of electronic check engine stand up and After installing the module. By using this device for testing and final inspection of each diesel unit before the sale, the buyer in any country will receive the highest quality and best effect the main factor of success – concern about the high level of safety for the engine after installing the module. This means that all the company’s efforts aimed at increasing the power and torque is in the low and middle range of the engine. Importantly, what customers value in the products KCR – be sure that performance curve in the low-average range of speed as much as possible, and the desire for power and torque with maximum possible security for KCR engine distributes products, while working with experienced professonalami in which you as a customer can purchase and receive products. The company’s goal is that you stay as happy and partners KCR – care about their customers of the company expressed not only in the exceptional quality of devices, but also in the service of the highest level. The buyer will receive a module in exactly these terms in their original factory package. At the beginning of 2009, the company has conducted more than 50,000 KCR systems on engines of various vehicles in 2007, the company received the highest KCR AAA credit rating, which guarantees a secure and safe cooperation with a reliable supplier.