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Paint Resins

Glyptal resins derived from three components: oil, multi-molecular alcohol (glycerol), many basic acids (phthalic anhydride). Depending on the oil content of three types of glyptal resin: long-resin containing 55-80% oil, divided into driers and polusikkativy. They are applied with a brush and air-dried, medium-tar, containing 45-55% oil, driers and are divided into polusikkativy. They are …

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(No title)

At the beginning of the article should be recalled that prior to the intervention in the shape of your car, do not be lazy and check with the dealer, because the changes may affect your warranty. So, if the dealer gave the nod, or you risking the loss of warranty, they decided to refine the …

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Falkoping Company

The company specializes in developing software and devices for safe optimizing diesel engines. KCRacing is the only institution to develop the best effect modules in the European market KCR offers a complete solution for all types of vehicles with diesel engines. Y company has 12 years experience in installations in the world markets, and it …

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