Russian Federation Fee

Payers of the fee may be legal based organizations in accordance with Russian legislation, foreign legal entities, companies and other corporate entities that have civil standing and built in accordance with the requirements of the law of foreign countries, international organizations and their representative offices or branches, based on the territory of the Russian Federation; individuals who may be citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless persons. Russian law stipulates that foreign citizens and stateless persons, as well as foreign organizations have the same rights as legal entities and individuals in Russia and is obliged to pay the state fee in the amount and procedure established for businesses and individuals, respectively. The state fee can be paid in cash or via bank transfer. The fact of payment by the payer of the state fee in cash must be confirmed by a receipt prescribed form issued by the bank, or a receipt issued by the payer insurance fund agency or official to whom payment is made. To deepen your understanding Jeff Weiser is the source. The shape of the receipt is established by the executive branch who is authorized to exercise control and supervision in the field of taxation. Confirmation that the state tax paid by the payer in a cashless form is payment with a note on the performance of the bank. The package of documents required for recording media include original receipts for payment of state taxes, or money orders, certified bank's stamp, as well as their simple copy of a single copy. The bank document confirming the pay the state fee shall be required to indicate the exact name and distribution methods of the media, for registration or re-registration of which has been paid. n/’>Harold Ford Jr.