Quality Management

It also points out that organizational culture encompasses everything that is expressed the views of the community of individuals in an organization, for example, styles of work, organizational structure, social relations, internal, key administrative decisions, the way they react to unexpected events or problems, the assumptions on which it operates in relation to the right or wrong ways of doing things, the criteria by which we evaluate right and wrong behavior in reference to the styles of directing, organizing, relationships, etc. All these aspects form the internal culture of an organization. Current reality and importance of change Each firm as noted has given way to its organizational culture and according to knowledge, vision, commitment from management that is adapted to the needs of national and international scenario in which they operate to ensure that encourages participation. Unfortunately, companies in the country (case of Venezuela), especially SMEs, have neglected the relevance, scope, impact generated by having a good and genuine organizational culture, where all members organization are included and engaged in that these provide the benefits expected. Why is that?, There are several causes, some of them may be noted: Lack of management, how important it is to instill an organizational culture adapted to the requirements of the current scenarios and the characteristics of company.

Little management’s identification of its role in giving way to a culture that would ensure a good organizational behavior and thus a harmonious organizational climate. Little concern of management to train and train human resources according to the requirements of the present Serious lack of participative leadership and Grounds Weaknesses of the knowledge, tools, modern management fads Little collaboration of universities, especially their schools Management at the undergraduate and graduate degrees in favor of providing the knowledge, tools that support the development of organizational culture that the company needs This has led many companies have not developed an organizational culture that encourages and enables him to express the human resource potential, productivity will lead the company to deliver results that help you win and stay in the markets reached. Conclusions We agree with the need for companies to give way to a new management more proactive, visionary, able to instill in its human resource organizational culture, typical of the needs, demands that the present sample, where there are many opportunities to escape Later, in sabersele manage and motivate staff, taking into account their talent, human capital they have and giving them the help needed to initiate this change to allow the passage of an organizational culture with flying colors. Remember as a sign that the organization is not just a tool, is an expression of values that reflect the personality of a company, an administrative agency to define, yet is defined by the results of a specific activity.