Macromedia Fireworks

It has been finally confirmed: what Google had been preaching for some time, need to improve load times not only its products but to all the internet sites, has become it law. Recently, the load time of sites has become a variable to be considered in the Pagerank algorithm. Although, the official Google blog, clarifies that this variant will not be one of the most important, it will Yes added when calculating that chased final numeral. Do not despair. There are many ways to make us have a time of acceptable load, not only by the Pagerank, but because it is one of the factors influencing the rates bounce bounce rates. By all this, it is an excellent idea to minimize our load times, and why we offer this check list to make sure that we are doing everything properly. 1 Make sure that our hosting services support the stress of an increase of visits.

After all, if what you’re looking for is to increase the number of visitors, is fair to wonder if such increase in the Kb of transfer can be supported by the bandwidth that our suppliers can provide. 2 Optimize the site. Optimization of sites involves several tasks insite, namely: a. work on images. To minimize the weight of the graphic files we can work with excellent programs online as Google’s Picasa, allowing to reduce the weight of images. Already at a more professional level, the Macromedia Fireworks is an excellent choice, since it’s a powerful application that allows to work images in a totally professional manner. b. minimize the javascrips and other scripts in general c.

minimize or not be included unless it is absolutely necessary – the amount of plug ins of Flash d. change the buttons and bars menus with scripts and effects by elements simpler e. use fonts default to avoid having to charge them before page loads f. under no circumstances use frames. Immediately, they will not only increase the charging time, but it will give the impression of a site old and outdated. (g). If the page is assembled on basis of content handling (such as Word Press) solution, there are many plug ins that allow you to minimize load times, as the WP Super Cache, which allows to make a very fast cache pages. With these simple measures, it is possible to lose weight a site in several Kb and thus lighten the load times. In the Labs of Webmaster Tools section, it is possible to see, on the tab of site performance, a well explicit graphic image of the site load times. Obviously, provided it is kept in the Green section, we will be handling a few acceptable load times.