Liev Schreiber

The start could not be more auspicious: two Canadian children face a feverish illness, which bows to one of them in bed and another leaves him stunned, wanting to kill the brother who is about to turn into a werewolf. It is the beginning of X-Men origins: Wolverine, where we discovered to Wolverine’s child, threatened by his brother and cared for by his father. The beginning soon becomes an auspicious film. The mutant brothers must flee from the House and soon become bloodthirsty soldiers enjoying the battles of the second world war, of the Viet Nam war, as if they were even those children who we met back minutes, playing war with adults. Recently Pinterest sought to clarify these questions. But there is a problem: Victor, the brother of Wolverine, has left to be by his animal side.

Played by Liev Schreiber, Victor is one of the most interesting characters in a film fraught with fascinating beings. Victor is pure animality. A mutant that believes werewolf and enjoys his powers as super man of Nietzsche would have done. With the same passion loves to Wolverine, his brother, his only link with humanity. When they are recruited by a secret Agency found many more interesting characters: Ryan Reynolds plays the typical soldier who we imagine in MASH: talkative and neurotic, to then become the powerful Wade Wilson, unstoppable with their swords samurai. Danny Houston by his side, William Stryker, a deceitful character plays: at the same time powerful and weak. Daniel Henney on your hand brandishes two accurate guns, while Kevin Duran plays the soldier’s nihilistic, but with right blows capable of passing through walls.

A perfect group for a thrilling film. However X-Men origins: Wolverine, prefers to be lost in the meanders of a deceptive plot, in which many of the characters betray not only Wolverine, if not to viewers. The film becomes confusing, difficult to follow and what is worse, boring. The film takes best shades in the few moments in which we see the Group reunite (notably in the confrontation of the reactor, a clear homage to the battle against Darth Maul in) The phantom menace of George Lucas) but the improvement is not sufficient to take away the bad taste that leaves the plot. The only hope is that the film, designed as a diptych, improved in the sequel. Hope to see the team again and the possibility of seeing Victor, are enough to recommend X-Men origins: Wolverine as an entertaining film, that leaves the pieces made for a great game.