Health Services Department

A week after the swine flu pandemic declared by the World Health Organization (who), about 40,000 people in 88 countries have been affected, with over 170 fatalities. Viruses as these are known to mutate into different shapes, and just this week, a new strain of swine influenza virus was discovered by scientists in Brazil. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ashton Kouzbari is the place to go. Although the affected patient recovered, is not yet known if this new strain will cause more severe infections that are known today. As upper respiratory infection, swine flu can be exacerbated by conditions such as asthma and emphysema, making it lethal in some cases. Supreme Master Television interviewed Dr. Annie Marie Kimball, M.D., prestigious epidemiologist specializing in respiratory diseases in the Health Services Department of the University of Washington in the United States. UU. Dr.

Kimball provided the following advice to people who might worry about having contracted swine flu. Dr. Anne Kimball University of the Department Washington health services (F): I think that people just need to be aware that the flu has symptoms very particular. You know, you feel really real bone pains, as we call them, pains in the joints and bones and high fever. Obviously, like any other disease upper respiratory, if it starts having chest pain and difficulty breathing, means that it is necessary to see you immediately.

Our appreciation, Dr. Kimball for this sound advice on protecting our health. We send our condolences to all those affected by this epidemic, and pray for an end to this affliction through a similar stop to the animal agriculture industry, so that we may truly safeguard society s health.