Gas Prices Put Easily In The Spring

Rates at least 41 gas utilities climb in April and may by up to 13.8 percent Berlin, March 31, 2010 which continues slight upward trend in gas prices since the beginning of the year also in the coming months continued. According to a recent analysis of the independent consumer portal, climbing prices in April and may when at least 41 companies by an average 6.2 percent. However the gas utilities Act quite inconsistently. So, 15 regional provider in turn relieve their customers in the next few weeks in an average of 5.1 percent. Additional costs of up to 167 euro on the one hand a family budget with an annual consumption of 20,000 kWh gas due to the announced price increases additional costs by an average of 79 euros. The burdens on up to 167 euros, or 13.8 per cent accumulate at the top. Striking is that 10 companies will raise prices in the basic services in April and may for the second time this year\”, makes clear by energy expert Thorsten Bohg. Usually they fall repeated increases in utilities but rather moderate off, while most providers, which now for the first time increase, price steps up bigger.\”up to 124 euro relief on the other side in many places can end customers but also further declining gas prices benefit from.

So consumers in 15 companies, including major cities such as Munster and Freiburg, relieved at an annual quantity of 20,000 kWh gas to an average of 65 euros. Is the energy of Sylt, which lowers their prices in the gas tariff to 124 euros, or 9.4 percent. The reasons of the different prices are in the respective purchasing strategy and the costs of the individual companies\”, explains Bohg. While some providers point to increased costs related to higher oil prices, other companies can pass on more favorable purchasing prices to their customers.\” General price trends 2010 so far rather quiet as a whole is being consolidated by the price changes in the Spring trend of the first months.