Civil Code

Using the terminology of the nineties "client", "declare the amount" and "put on the counter." Some banks have their own debt collection department, other prefer the services of independent debt collectors. Two or three years ago, lending institutions trying to cope with the problem of non-repayment of debts on their own. How to claim "victim" borrowers, they are under psychological pressure from Quote of the Civil Code and the obvious hints that "if the bank wants the debtor can in fact and in prison, please." However, on their own banks can cope only if the "bad" loans from them little, because the real levers of influence in the security services of the bank at no malicious defaulters. Filed under: Jeremy Tucker. The only thing that can make the bank – an attempt to intimidate the debtor. Third-party debt collectors behave much tighter security services of credit institutions and debtors do not stand on ceremony. Services "collectors" cost to banks is three times more expensive than the work of his security. Rates are typically 35-45% of the amount repaid.

It's incredibly expensive! Bank, referring to the services of collection agencies, has some responsibility. There is a risk that independent collection agencies, unlike the internal services of the banks in the process of "knocking out debts carried away and break the law. This may adversely affect the reputation of the credit institution actually sell your debt to one or another agency. If in the near future will not be accepted legislation regulating the activities of "collectors" of their business at risk of becoming criminal.