Business Continuity Plan

For the existence of any business need so-called continuity plan, there are a number of organizational and technical measures, which give a permanent result. The security system consists of several companies components to ensure uninterrupted production and performance: Energy independence (during a power outage all comes to a screeching halt), fire safety; IT-security – the ability to quickly restoration of the "electronic brains" of the company in case the system still fails or breakage, the safety of all databases (delovodstvo, financial and accounting data, etc.). If the first two components business continuity under watchful eye of regulators (for example, the law "On Fire" or "Health and Safety Code), then the third and fourth entirely depend on the organization of business. So you can back up data on different drives and media, equip jobs in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS or generator). For large companies use additional servers, generators, cooling system that provides continuous, stable operation of the enterprise. And such big companies Google, Microsoft, Nasa, and the like use a more advanced type of reliability – building separate buildings for a system of continuous work or hidden somewhere in the mountains, just in case "nuclear war", earthquake, etc. But to implement and maintain continuity plan should be considered rather big waste of money and staff time to prepare for possible emergencies, on training, qualification and certification of workplaces, as well as maintenance staff, supervisory and service this segment of the enterprise (from system administrators to engineers OSH). The main potential users of IT-technologies in order to ensure the safety of continuous operation are large and medium-sized companies for whom the loss of data or stop in customer service akin to a disaster. It can be concluded that the continuity plan is a very important business, but to start it is determined how much money can be allocated for security, what goals and objectives facing your business.