Albert Einstein

Stigmata of the past ' ' I live in a tropical country, blessed for pretty God and by its very nature, but that beauty ' ' , in this glad one and known song the image of Brazil was traced, of form to hide its truths, but it is certain that what is occult must be disclosed, what remains in the shades comes back to be visible, clamorous and terrifying to the eyes most sensible, tired eyes of the social exclusion, the misery human being perpetrated for logos contradictory, the instrumental reason capitalist generating of uncertainties and disillusions has its part in the guilt, the social reality never before was so needy. The History of the world and Brazil is explicit: ' ' civilizao' ' it was constructed by the exploration and for the exploration human being, the logic of the men did not search alternatives, the manual work reached its height with the slavery, therefore the simple physical work did not seem to the men scholars just, this would embruteceria certainly them. Endowed with knowledge technician and ways of production, was not difficult task to find workmanship hand human being, since during all the historical times always the existence of a parcel of the population was constant living in the most absolute poverty. Without options, these devoid ones of everything turn over coerced the forced work and desumano, obliged to fulfill and crooked hours of working without the lesser guarantee of some type long of it rewards, did not have guarantee you are welcome, nor of the proper life. The owners of the power had little made in favor of the society, living in its small precious world had not searched to transform the country into a better place, had searched yes the maintenance of its status, the conservation of the wealth for the exploration in a true vicious circle.

Dramas of the life that had not been forgotten by the time, had arrived with force at the current time, in an expressive impetus that now rightens that more it cannot be held by the reins of the submission. The shouts of the villains afflicted if express in violence, the forgotten ones and abandoning clamam for justice, they want everything now what it was denied to them, that it was arrebatado to them and played to the soil, the situation became unsustainable. Action, something really necessary to be made or the revolt of the villains will become violent revolution, will not be pacific, will fall again on all, guilty and innocent envoltos in the chaos that could have been prevented. It does not have more time if to lose, the errors of the past need to be desfeitos and rewarded, the history of the necessary exploration to be focada rewrite now in the dignity human being, fincada in the emancipation of the hindered men of its rights primary than had never forgotten the stigma last it. ' ' The tradition is the personality of imbecis' ' Albert Einstein