Wallpaper Factory

Grove inaugurated the exhibition Ulrich Tarlatt at high + partner in Leipzig Leipzig, March 9, 2009 – Saturday, March 14 at 7: 00 in the Gallery high + partner in the Leipzig wallpaper factory. New woodblock prints, drawings and collages by Ulrich Tarlatt and a representative selection displayed by artists books Edition eye candy. It is believed his site, the man in Etruria is born. That speaks to the imagination of Ulrich Tarlatt, who came to the world in Wansleben Hall. Of his art now travel from the tranquil Bernburg not only on a fantastic, but very real way around the world can be. In any case, the list of collections, museums, and libraries that can adorn themselves with his works, represents a kind of accolade of the international art world.

Are on it but names such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Getty Museum in Malibu listed Rijksmuseum the Hague, as well as the New York MoMA and the Museum of contemporary art in Sao Paulo. And now you can a selection see his works in the Gallery of high + partner”in the Leipzig wallpaper factory. We are very glad to be able to show an artist with us unimpressed who created a precious work of all fashion currents with a very own imagination and writing over the decades, combine text and pictures over and over again surprising with Ulrich Tarlatt and result in this new and exciting links mental worlds.”says Susann Hoch, of the Leipzig artists group. Here works focuses accordingly to find the area of the woodcut and of high graphic program of the gallery. In addition, the visitors but also a picture of the can for over twenty years, edited by Ulrich Tarlatt artist’s books of the Edition make eye candy.

To the opening of the exhibition on Saturday, March 14 at 7: 00, the Leipzig actress and human rights activist Steffi Boettger of the current Almanac 2008 Edition eye candy reads texts by Ilja Trojanow, Michael Lentz, and Josef Haslinger. Susann Hoch und Ulrich Tarrach entering the art of wood cutting and the craft of high pressure to an interactive dialogue on in times of digital images Sinflut. Already on Thursday, March 12 at 20: 00 Wolfgang Gratz by the Buchergilde Gutenberg and the artist group “High + partner” Download graphics friends to the collector get-together and the preview of the exhibition “Grove” with works by Ulrich Tarlatt. The artist will be present. Interested parties are welcome. The artist group “High + partners” (Harald Alff, Susann Hoch, Stephanie Marx, Gabriele Sperlich) was founded as a registered partnership in 2007 in Leipzig. The gallery and workshop is the corresponding GbR in the wallpaper factory, Luetzen str. 91 operated 04177 Leipzig. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm, Saturday 12 to 17.