WAGO Comment Positively

Site Sondershausen, Sondershausen (mxm) is strengthened. Since 1990, the Westphalian family company WAGO invested many millions in his site Sondershausen and created over 1100 workplaces. In 1999 alone, nearly 150 employees could be set within a year. They all now celebrated its tenth anniversary of operation. The management took the opportunity to consult their employees about their expectations, experiences and desires. Since about 14 days the evaluation of an anonymous questionnaire exists in the human resources Department of the WAGO of site Sondershausen, where all 148 employees who were hired within a few months in 1999, could express their opinion on the company. It was a rapid economic recovery, so many career changers got a chance to find a permanent job at WAGO”, production manager Jorg Hampl founded the boom of 1999.

Interested parties, among them some industry newcomers such as Baker, kindergarten teachers applied for from all professions and Geriatric nurses, but also painters, painters and academics. For us was the primary, but the man and the positive attitude to the activity exercised our staff here”not professional backgrounds, Astrid Kaldeuer stresses responsible for the overall management of human resources in Minden and Sondershausen, the decision to discontinue any also industry newcomers. 148 times 10 years seniority were the company rise enough, on a voluntary basis personal expectations, to make public desires and experiences. “And the answers in the March issue of the staff magazine WAGOintern” show that most of the staff are now heavily rooted in the company: as long as an employer is no longer of course “two anniversaries on the question whether they would have expected their setting in 10 years still to be answered. Personal responses as I think that I have a safe workplace”or I’m proud of the continuous expansion of the company shows as well as the creation of jobs in our region”but that most of the staff with their company to authenticate, Jorg Hampl is pleased about the positive echo. Respect for the decision of the company, to consolidate the site resonates in some contributions: “WAGO has nailed itself here and has not disappeared after a short time like other companies”.

Some employees could realize themselves, his professional desires in the past ten years with a career to the shift supervisor or a permanent position after graduating. Work should be fun”is Astrid Kaldeuer sure, then the motivation is correct”. And that so, finds the head of production, along with works councils and personnel every anniversary at his workplace remains to pass him also a financial recognition in addition to a document. We had to do a lot last year”smirks Jorg Hampl. The low turnover rate of employees and the high level of apprenticeship training give reason to hope that the also continue to remains. WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co KG is an operating third generation family-owned company with headquarters in Minden/Westfalen independently on the market and among the international landmark suppliers of electrical connection and automation technology. WAGO is world market leader in the field of spring clamp technology.