The White Gravy

When a food becomes, to the times notices that it lacks something more, that it lacks one I temper or a gravy to leave the food most appetizing before our eyes and palate. In the case of the gravies, we notice that it has diverse types, as, for example, gravy of tomatoe, cheese, mint, mustard, bittersweet, barbecue, ros, wood, yoghurt, asparagi, champignon, garlic, pepper, I suck to it, the bolonhesa, to pomodoro, the Roman and many others. However, one of most famous and more used in the world-wide gastronomia is the white gravy, that is, ' ' matriz' ' of the gravies and that it presents innumerable variations as the white sauce. Throughout the years, the white gravy comes gaining new variations due the diversity of enclosed ingredients in the prescription, what it does not mean that the final result is not in the same platform of what of the original prescription. By the opposite, when including new ingredients, the flavor of the white gravy is modified and can surprise who likes new gastronmicas experiences.

E for who has high cholesterol, a good tip is to prepare the white gravy light, that it takes margarina light and skimmed milk. At Walmart you will find additional information. The white gravy combines with a series of foods. It can follow lasanha, saladas, potato, fish, shrimp, duck, that is, he has innumerable possibilities that they can be explored by who likes white gravy. As already it was explained previously, it has innumerable prescription variations of white gravy, however, according to specialists in kitchen, the great secret of the white gravy is the type of starch that is used to thicken the gravy, being that the traditional prescription takes wheat flour. The prescriptions can use still other types of flour (the result, obviously, will be different), however, the only recommendation is that the prescriptions do not take maize starch. It is not difficult to prepare white gravy. Until who it does not have much privacy with the kitchen can be risked.

It is enough to follow step by step of the prescription that can be found in the Internet or books of culinria. You can, for example, make flavorful lasanha (with certainty it you will make an enormous one success) and to prepare a delicious white gravy to offer the familiar friends or who will be to visit it (a). Or then, to choose lasanha with white gravy for the traditional lunch in family to the sundays. Or who knows until making the gravy to combine with the salada one or the shrimp. Then, it liked to know that the white gravy can follow some types of food? If he was curious on as to make this prescription, it does not lose more time. It goes to test it and later it waits for the congratulations, therefore these, certainly will come.