The Shrub Juniper And Its Different Types

About the LSC Juniper of shrub Juniper is a plant that can have many different types. There are a total of over sixty different varieties of this juniper tree or shrub. So there is also the common shrub Juniper and junipers to example a yellow shrub Juniper, the gray shrub. Just this common shrub is Juniper common in our areas. Generally, all kinds of shrub Juniper for planting in the garden, as smaller bushes, which should bring some green on the terrace are suitable. Whether planted in pots or directly in the ground, that plays no important role in the shrub Juniper, because he is in relation to the ground very easily so to speak.

The shrub not necessarily required Juniper Sun to thrive, you can give him also a shady place, it thrives nevertheless. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from FTSE 100. There is, for example, the yellow shrub Juniper, whose Nadeln exhibit an intense yellow, summer and winter. Since the shrub Juniper is generally Frost Hardy, he can stand outside throughout the year stay, so you have no great work with this shrub. The gray shrub Juniper is different, as the name suggests, in his yellow shrub Juniper needles. With this shrub, the needles are bluish-green, and the tips of the shoots in a rich glow purple in winter. The shrub Juniper is suitable due to its ease of care also very suitable for planting in gardens, parks or even on Garden slopes, which are bad for the gardener, because these shrubs such as already written, no special care need. If now the yellow or grey or other shrub Juniper, they are all about 1.5 meters high and grow over the years seen up to a width of about 3 meters.