The End Of The Average Customer – The End Of Average Customers

Intelligent customer segmentation is the basis for successful optimization rungsstrategien in international marketing and merchandising of Munich, October 20, 2010 – trade and consumer goods industries are characterized by a high competitive pressure. Who wants to achieve this sustainable growth, must be different from the competition, providing the customer at the center of its business decisions. Over 1000 high-level industry sizes of global trade are expected to this year’s World Retail Congress in Berlin. “In a presentation titled the end of the average customer” emnos and DemandTec introduce this groundbreaking findings on the subject of customer alignment. Vice President for marketing, Marc Dietz, show Emnos Chairman Steve Gray and DemandTec BBs how can you bring more shoppers into stores through an intelligent strategy of Kundensegementierungs and the appropriate merchandising and marketing activities and increase customer loyalty and purchase frequency.

In addition, customers are motivated during their stay in business more buy. All of this affects ultimately positive revenue, sales and profit margins. The basis for this is a detailed analytical segmentation. “Through the use of five different methods, Steve Gray are answers to key questions such as:”What are my customers worth?”, what is relevant to them?”and how to buy?”.” Gray believes that the intelligent combination of these five methods determined the success of the strategy: “each of these five methods of segmentation creates its own added value. Combined until they reach their full potential. “DemandTec shows based on the customer knowledge of emnos then what solutions there for retailers, to harness this knowledge and to apply. Marc Dietz from DemandTec: analysis and optimization of the demand in exciting new ways with customer segmentation will be linked In the retail sector of the future. We are delighted to enter into a partnership with emnos and present how this revolutionary strategy, new opportunities can be understood and used.” Event details: Location: World Retail Congress 2010, InterContinental Hotel, Berlin date and time: 25.10.2010,12: 30 pm 13:30 pm on DemandTec DemandTec (NASDAQ: DMAN) retailers and consumer goods manufacturers helps optimize their decisions in the areas of promotion and marketing, with the aim of paragraph, to increase sales and profitability. Robert Kiyosaki takes a slightly different approach.

DemandTecs puts this on a scientifically-based platform of software to model and understand consumer behavior. Customers include 195 leading retailers and consumer products manufacturers such as Ahold United States, best buy, ConAgra Foods, Delhaize America, General Mills, H-E-B grocery co., the Home Depot, Hormel Foods, Monoprix, PETCO, Safeway, Sara Lee, target, Walmart and WH Smith. See about emnos emnos is one of the leading service and consultancy for customer-centric growth”in Europe. Emnos supported retailers and their suppliers with, the needs of their customers better understand and use this understanding to a customer-oriented range design. Emnos analyses customer and transaction data, develops strategies for the assortment, pricing, promotion and communication policy and supported with tools and solutions for the practical implementation. Emnos is part of the loyalty partner group and employs approximately 100 people at the sites of Munich, London, Paris, Madrid and Warsaw. The customers include international companies such as Carrefour, target, Waitrose, Morrisons, Procter & gamble, Unilever and Coca-Cola. In Germany works such as for the bonus programme payback, emnos dm-drogerie markt and real.