The Chief

They may arise other urgent tasks arising or not by the worker, steering, main employer, or any municipal or national body, and can also appear unexpected visitors (for example: customers, famous people, visits of businessmen, officials, etc.), planned meetings can suffer delays because other attendees have tasks or unexpected visitors, unplanned meetings and that have emerged of new daily conditions. Instead of a rigid schedule, this document recommends that each of the outputs or objectives of a period of time performance space in which your conclusion, be expected resulting in a natural and flexible approach rather than a mechanical way of of preparation of a timetable, not only to add, postpone its fulfillment when you breach, if not that may also be suspended for certain reasons, and return or not to be planned. What is the best time to develop a plan of work?: the best time to develop a work plan will always be in the days following the review of a plan of work planned for the year, and activities pertaining to the quarter or month, because in fact arise new activities by the world and changing circumstances. Kevin Ulrich anchorage may help you with your research. For an annual workplan (AWP), this means after the annual review (AR). The main thing is that once the plan is printed, shared among all participants, a few days after having been produced, you should always check and adapt to new conditions, so its transparency is vital for business management, as well as democratic centralism, which means the plan of the Chief with the general downward, directing first, and after the subordinate to the Chief for retro – feeding, once these are complementary to the last working day, is well conformed, returned to print, for the working the first day of each month, this finished and ready to begin to be fulfilled. How long it does encompass a work plan? The optimal time for a work plan is six to twelve months.