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Peters Sound

Communication rests mainly, not in talking but in listening to, this is the fundamental factor of language. Only effective talk is achieved when it is followed by an effective listening.Therefore, listening is what directs the entire communication process.When we listen, we generate an interpretation world.Listening is more hear interpret hear it is a biological process, …

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Shielding Your Company From Possible Defaults

The world has changed very quickly, in my daily contact with companies as a consultant in arbitration I find sick companies. Yes ill by the pandemic of defaults. There are sectors that are very sick (looong unpaid) and I enjoy doing this parallelism between being healthy (no defaults) and being sick (with defaults) by this …

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Xerox Company

Why copy? A Xerox company because people want to return? people would like to return, when he finishes his trip to Disney, is a unique experience the Magic Kingdom catch so you and your family, as you do not imagine it is, people say that it is a place for children, I would say that …

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