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At that time, 1965, the competition of miss was concorridssimo and all had read the Small Prince. It was at this time that Veruska pontificou as was said in the jargon of the journalism. Student of the third ginasial series paraded for the city of collegiate uniform, marine plaited skirt with long handles and long …

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METAMORPHOSIS In the side of the beach I am at this moment, belt the waves to beat in my feet, frothy and clear as the snow. I have the sensation of is free the sufficient one to disclose to me and there I deliver myself to my thoughts, to such point that I almost lose …

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Telephone Company

One determined telephone company he gained a competition to install the telephones in an average city. As it had few employees, she decided to open a competition to fill the remaining vacant. The stated period for the registration would be in the maximum of one week. The company walked of wind in poop and there …

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