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German Health Policy

The ‘Greeks ‘syndrome in the German health – solidarity of pseudo – health insurance as a debt relief community in our postmodern cultural development, the dominant, collective moral authority (the so-called superego”) in the name of individual freedom has been abolished. In their place, most under the duress of the driving life have used a …

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Kreuzberg Greens

Joint press statement of the Action Alliance in Berlin under the umbrella of the Federal Assembly GFS to the design of the election program of Alliance 90 / the Greens. The Party Chairman of the Greens is committed in the design of the program for the protection of non-smokers, which is currently governed by the …

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Charles Darwin

How is cheating the German economy through the crisis Charles Darwin has the diversity of species\”described as a result of evolution in nature. The man therefore apparently represents the highlight in the biodiversity. And this has created economic systems to ensure all possible needs for himself. In the course of social developments and changes, our …

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