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Arctic Ocean

The occured ambient changes in the planet have been observed and on directly to the global heating, such as reduction of the ice covering, increase of the level of the sea and change of the climatic standard, therefore, facts these, that not only influence the activities of the man, but yes all the set of …

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Suez Canal

The Cairo its history: The Cairo is the biggest cidadedo Arab world and of Africa, beyond being in a strategical geographic position, between the continent African and Asian. Most of the territory is desert-like, with exception in the coast of the Mediterranean sea and in the edges of the Nile, essential to the survival of …

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Famous Clocks

Hundreds of rejoinders of clocks exist gifts in the market of Brazil. Currently the market well is developed and the public who collects this type of object already is very great. However, pra who is knowing at this moment the curiosidades is very common. Normally, the applied doubt more is: ' ' which rejoinder to …

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