State Strategy

Following his trial by attempting to reconstitute the outlawed Batasuna. Otegi keeps his speech feel proud and satisfied of having done to tack the liner of the abertzale left to a strategy of peace. He says that Bildu success in elections will go further. Arnaldo Otegi maintained his speech feel proud and satisfied of having done to tack the liner of the abertzale left toward a strategy that does not appear the m (military) by any side, because the m in our strategy is unnecessary and clogs. The exportavoz of Batasuna, in his turn of last word after being tried for trying to reconstitute the outlawed formation through Bateragune, has assured Thursday that the change in strategy of the abertzale left a politico-military other than committed to exclusively peaceful and democratic way is irreversible and irrevocable.

If our strategy is to sum and social Alliance and that it is not possible, not already with a certain degree of struggle armed or violence, but with any degree of violence, the m in our strategy cannot appear, he added. For the defendant, however, yes there is an interested party in that violence does not disappear: us excess to us, but not to our accusers, to the Government. The m has been the great alibi to not go into the merits of the debate, who needs the p (of policy) and m is the State. Then, Otegi has paraphrased at Albert Einstein who defined insanity saying which consists of always doing the same thing and expecting a different result, and has ensured that it is difficult to try to convince anyone that is needed to close a military cycle from a politico-military structure. Otherwise would create them a credibility problem as who – said – Vice President suffers first from the Government and the PSOE candidate for forthcoming elections Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. To Mr Rubalcaba candidate is accused of lack of credibility when he says I have an alternative to the economic crisis which I’ll put in March as President. And what tells the rest of us: hear, but look at you, while you remain in the Government, it is hard to believe that you have an alternative, said. Turn of ETA in the last part of his speech, Otegi has assured that he would reject an ETA return to violence and that the only scenario that arises is the cessation definitive of the armed violence and the dismantling of the military structures.

In addition, the exportavoz of Batasuna has shown satisfied braces who has joined since it raised the change in strategy, and in rrencia to the votes obtained by Bildu elections of last May 22, has predicted: we started being four or five are already going by 313.000, and that is not going to stop. This will go further. Finally, has sent a message to the militants of the abertzale left: that nobody leave the path we have embarked on come what may in the coming months. We are going to win. Eskerrik asko (thank you). They were the last words of the accused, who have started the applause of the audience in the room. Otegi will return the week that comes to the Audiencia Nacional to be judged by intervening in a tribute to an ETA prisoner. Source of the news: Arnaldo Otegi affirms that military strategy of the abertzale left “sobra and clogs”