Run fast on a treadmill or outside requires a good warm-up in order to intervals in a safe manner. If you don’t know your body, make speed or downhill racing probably isn’t the best place to start if you are a beginner. The truth is that if you start running when you are not used to jog or walk, you can hurt in the first week. So my recommendation if you’re starting is a bicycle, unless you have experience running and know your body well. In addition, here are three important points about the bike. (a) it is used which requires that you feel with your torso erect. When you use a bicycle for intervals your hips tend to move much and your body tries to not very good to be able to ride strong against resistance positions. That is my experience.

Bicycles where these with erect torso are better for intervals. (B) for intervals increases the resistance to which you ride and not speed. You’ll have best results pedaling at 80-100 revolutions per minute and you work with stronger resistance. In addition you avoid possible injury in the hips or knees. (c) when you’re in the bicycle must be squarely in the recovery of the intervals and up you can’t stop the seat during the interval. Simply it is important to avoid having curved back because it can affect you posture and low back. The treadmill (La Mejor) the treadmill can help you burn between 16-20 calories per minute of exercise during training.

That is enough, but you have to be accelerated to achieve training at that level but I hope that you have reached that category someday, if not as these already. Only you must be consistent in your training and your nutrition. Some tips: do not tilt it much (can cause you cramping in your calves), but if you can run at 10 mph, uses a 1% incline to help you get the need for speed. The last thing you want is to end in a YouTube video of flying a treadmill until one elliptical. As for run fast, be careful. Find your level and then to overcome it. Two machines that they can also help are the rowing machine and the of these Stairmaster stair climbing is You can use instead of others to add variety to the training. They are also effective. In the end the best machine for weight loss is your own body. I always recommend my clients use circuits of exercises without weights as interval training bodyweight exercises. They are more fun, effective and better for your body since you avoid doing the same motion over and over again and succeed in using more muscles which will help you to burn more fat and lose weight. I also like the circuits without weights because I can make them in my house when I can’t go to the gym and help me maintain my muscle mass as opposed to the traditional cardio for weight loss. You can do exercises in your home like sit-ups, lizards, dominated or jumps for a period of 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest between each exercise. Control your own weight helps you burn more calories and lose weight. Why the treadmill is better and why bodyweight exercises are best.