Southern California Lifestyle In Sunglasses Packed

The sunglasses of manufacturer of Tres Noir shine through quality workmanship and zeitlosees design In 2005 released her debut: police & thieves. To date, Tres Noir has established its place in the industry. The glasses uniqueness through limited editions is characterized by unusual, but timeless design, high-quality processing by hand. \”Flowing through your veins krachender rock ‘ n’ roll, you are looking for the special sunglasses, but you want only the best for you.\” So, the California cult brand presented their products on. Jeff Bezos: the source for more info. Tres Noir impresses with excellent handmade quality and an exceptional design that is years based on the retro look of the 1950s.

However, these glasses are not just for admirers of good past. Because how communicated already another big brand, is first and foremost about quality, and that never ceases to be stylish, style, however, to meet always the fashion. That is certainly not all a consistent and great value in the world of fashion, to the Holding manufacturers. Tres Noir belongs to those who take seriously such a wisdom. The company was founded by brothers Joe and Tony Prenovost Tres noir. Both had worked in the eyewear industry for many years and wanted to use their experience to create a new line. Especially their lifestyle should find its mirror music, art, motorcycles, surfing and skating. Everything they could find back in the existing brands, not only just this: your Southern California lifestyle.

That’s why they designed her debut in 2005: police & thieves. It was produced in a garage in long beach and was intended, exclusively, to give them to friends and acquaintances. We wanted to design simple high-quality and low-cost glasses for our friends and people from our environment\”, says Tony. This plan hit like a bomb, and the glasses was sold out within a few weeks. So them it was clear that this vision had become a reality: high-quality eyewear in limited editions with special design, from acetate plates made by hand, adapted the fit to the millimetre, that she looks good in each, and all at an affordable price.