By the way, Singapore – one of the few countries in the world in the service identifies specific standards. And very hard. They relate to absolutely everything: style, service, inventory and tools, staff development, resettlement areas, etc.

In many respects due to the highest level of service annually visited Singapore 6-8 million tourists. Is very high, because the population is not more than 4.5 million people. The second type of small and medium-sized businesses include firms and companies engaged in production, including the use of modern technology. More positive role in the development these enterprises is, in particular, conducted by the state policy of integration. It involves the association of such companies in the group and provide them with the most modern technology. The idea is simple enough and efficient: one small or medium sized enterprise is often not the strength to launch new high-tech production at the proper level.

But a group of such enterprises to make it much easier. They are divided among all production chain and achieve a result very good results, including in the field of genetics, immunology, ecology, biotechnology, manufacturing components for the electronics industry. In Singapore There are about 130,000 small and medium-sized businesses. This is – 92% of all enterprises in the country. They account for about 35% of value added products and over 25% of Singapore’s gdp.