Russian Companies

In connection with the that the majority of Russian companies – producers of final consumer (and that small and medium businesses) that make up the bulk of the consumer goods market and service the bulk of the population of Russia, increase profit margins by lowering the threshold for cost-effectiveness by: reducing variable costs (savings in raw materials, advertising, PR, packaging, lack of civilized logistics, market monitoring, etc.), savings fixed costs (and decrepit neremontiruemye offices and production buildings, equipment, since Soviet times, low staff salaries, lack of modern communications and software, etc.). Here, in fact, answer the question, where does this design pack for the overwhelming proportion of Russian goods. The main function of packaging, if you look at her eyes to the realities of the modern producer of the Russian market consumer goods, is to protect the product from the external environment throughout its shelf life, to achieve the minimum facilities for transportation and distribution in a finite field implementation of product differentiation on shelves by its appearance and composition. The issue related to packaging as the main means of communication between producer and consumer for the majority of Russian companies do not relevant or simply not worth it! The needs of these companies in the design of packaging meet 'designers, homeworkers' with the prices $ 20-70 for the label / packaging, design offices in factories producing about packing, where artists 'Laban' five labels per day and costs $ 50-100 per share, regional self-styled 'design agencies' for the same price as the previous ones, at the same rate as the previous ones, and with the same quality as the previous ones.