Puppies On Acid

The North German alternative Progrockband puppies on acid returns after a long break with new drummer on the stage the nation back what is it about a band to write the puppies on acid in a time in which almost every band from pop punk to metal in just these biographies claimed that she is different than all the others, she has weird many influences and developed some very independent style has? What should you write in particular, if the puppies on acid are really a band, that is different and has always been, and whose four Mitglieder a scary many musical influences, allow and merge to create a very own style leave? Maybe we start simply different. If everything would be gone with the puppies on acid “normal”, it depending on the angle of the music critics, A & RS, managers and fans either long the “breakthrough” had (what exactly that is) done or quit years ago. Both is not happening. Since 2003 the band in the current cast and has Played 150 gigs (with bands such as photos, 4Lyn, 1000 Robota, zero Cape, TempEau Lluther) in whole Germany. And where there is something already, that a former school band creates the jump in the stock of twentysomethings and the years of rollercoaster ride of high hopes and successes, award winning, stands over setbacks and disappointments, as well as personnel changes and it always back yourself reinvents itself. The puppies on acid always look ahead, they believe that modern rock music needs visions and nothing bored to repeat the four musicians more than yourself, or to copy any idols. Certainly, you can reinvent the musical wheel not for each sample and for each Studioaufenhalt. The musicians know that and they are not the subject also tap.

Much more, it comes every time the new each the best band to be on, which can just be. And so it goes to create more very post-modern about new connections and unexpected combinations. There is no “that doesn’t belong there but” or “don’t like it now”, if it is feels right for the band. Musical blinders are alien to the puppies on acid. They care for no stereotypes or let cold scenes and expectations. Their music is self-contained. With it, they want to achieve people whose living can so enrich it. And if millions of people, it doesn’t bother them.

You refuse not the success. Remember you should be that they are a charismatic, ernergiegeladene live band with great stage experience. Their persistence, their belief in themselves and their work shows not only the strong will and the love of music, but brings of course progress in. Some music critics acclaimed debut EP “how soon is never?” appeared in 2007, and is available in all of the Mp3 portals by Napster to iTunes. Fan Club in Australia, America and Japan also show that the puppies on acid can compete well internationally. Chris Niemeier