Professional Direct MARKETING

2010, focusing on audience segments and the possibility of addressing individual target individuals open new book 1st Edition, issue an immense potential of the acquisition. Building and the systematic maintenance of customer relationships prove to be more than decisive factors for the long-term success of the company. There are many sources for the purchase of addresses. First and foremost, the most important thing is how well the target group can be focused. Specifically, wastage and image damage can be reduced before a mailing action.

This extensive follow-up costs can be saved. The marketing and sales controlling a high importance in the direct marketing metrics. A detailed and structured database is necessary to act in marketing. Data maintenance is important for the development and expansion of the customer relationship. Table of Contents Foreword 1 Introduction 1.1 What is direct and dialog marketing? 1.2 what communication channels are there? 1.3 for which direct marketing use? 1.4 What are the benefits? 1.5 framework factors of the Direct marketing? 2 direct marketing market 2.1 structure of the advertising market in Germany 2.2 development of dialog marketing in Germany 2.3 means of communication in the Switzerland of 2.4 economic environment in Austria 3 3.1 process management process/implementation 3.2 How can schedule I have a direct marketing campaign? 3.3 Dirketmarketing checklist of 4 economic Adresskauf 4.1 framework factors for implementing 4.2 selection criteria to decide the Adressquelle 4.3 online database to companies and products 4.4 characteristics of the marketing database addresses and additional services 4.6 4.5 prices newsletter and info post national 5 cost-saving and address data quality 5.1 savings 5.2 Adressdatenqualifizierung 5.3 geomarketing 5.4 CRM customer relationship management 6 success measurement costs and quality 6.1 cost direct marketing 6.2 key direct marketing 6.3 key performance indicators and metrics of Web controlling 6.4 newsletter campaigns 6.5 key performance indicators and metrics from email campaigns 6.6 analysis 7 own Adressdatenerfassung and maintenance 7.1 multiplication table of 7.2 database construction of address database 7.3 relational database masks 7.4 registration and maintenance 8 legal aspects 8.1 legal limits 8.2 generate opt-in 9 further information 9.1 Glossary 9.2 associations 9.