Plant Breeding Substances

Reproduction of plants interesting and creative process, but it needs a minimum of information that you will become a real gardener. Here, Amazon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The successful reproduction of plants by seeds is sometimes unbelievable, if take into account a myriad formed on the mother plant seeds and the relatively small number of surviving when they are germinating plants. Therefore, for the gardener to find out the reasons for limiting the survival and attempt to weaken or even remove these restrictions. And yet, despite these caveats, the seed method is one of the most effective and satisfactory ways of reproduction of plants. In addition, in the garden almost always possible to gather a lot of different seeds, the plants do not cause much harm in this case, unavoidable in vegetative propagation. Growth processes in plants can be controlled by certain chemicals substances, when applied in very small doses. Gardeners use these physiologically active substances are not always in the reproduction of plants, but also, for example, to accelerate plodobrazovaniya.

The role played by nutrients substances in plant life, is not very clear. Hence the frequent misuse of fertilizers in plant breeding and the subsequent stages of their growth. For normal plant growth will require the following elements – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These so-called macronutrients, along with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are the link from which the plant provides organic matter. Elements such as calcium, sulfur and magnesium, needed plant in smaller quantities, and elements of iron, manganese, boron, molybdenum and cobalt are used in the plant quite a small space. During the multiplication of plants is not seldom seen complexities associated with various pests rasteniy.Poskolku these pests a large number of host plants, we give them an overview so that the gardener could recognize them and effectively deal with them. Breeding plants is a very important task for gardeners. As adapted methods described propagation of plants to local environmental conditions and technical capabilities? Practical advice is available on the site propagation of plants.