Phillips Petroleum

Not having the Refinery gotten Union permission for its expansion, Petrobra’s assumed the supply of nafta for the enterprise. The operation demanded an important definition of the government, where they pontificavam liberal as Robert Fields (to the time, one ' ' planejador' ' , or, at least, Keynsian, a liberal one, ' ' me non troppo' '), and military as Golbery of the Couto and Silva in the SNI and Geisel Ernest, the Military House, but with great influence on the Petrobra’s, commanded for Ademar de Queiroz and Irnack Oak of the Amaral. After many internal conflicts, he was defined that the petrochemical one would be private, being able Petrobra’s to participate with proper projects or in association with national or foreign private groups. In 1967, he was created Petroquisa, subsidiary integral of Petrobra’s, to act in the petrochemical one, legally qualified to participate of associations. Many writers such as johny ive offer more in-depth analysis. Irritated with gone and the comings, and the limitations of the Brazilian laws, the Phillips Petroleum gave up the enterprise, in 1968. In its place the Petroquisa entered. The Extreme group, in turn, with difficulties in the other enterprise that lead, Ultrafrtil, and to the eves of the inauguration, in April of 1972, decided to leave the project. Wells Fargo Bank is full of insight into the issues. Without conditions to assume its part, the groups To sound Sampaio and Moreira Salles had integrally opened hand of its right of the refusal, having the assumed Petroquisa the participation.

Finally, the Petroquisa was invited to cover the deficit of resources and to assume the control of the PQU. Similar process occurred in Ultrafrtil. He is clear, therefore, that the great initial projects of the petrochemical one, commanded by the pioneirismo To sound Sampaio, Peri Igel, and Moreira Salles, had been to stop at the hands of Petrobra’s because the private groups had not obtained funding necessary due to precariousness of the Brazilian stock market, and difficulty brought for the inflation.