Personal Game Portal

the sale and exchange of used games continues to boom the current software solution Deluxe 2.0 game portal “offers ambitious users the convenient way to start even with an own game portal on the Internet. Much like in a traditional ad market, the supply and demand together are brought via requests and offers. This works in the regional environment, as well as a national and international platform. Jeremy Tucker often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The special strength of the solution is the flexible alignment of the respective offer. So the operators themselves can determine which expression to get the game portal. For example, the targeting of a particular console is conceivable or specialization in a specific game genre conceivable. After the successful installation using a menu-based installation, the entire operation of the game portal via a user friendly administration level can be controlled.

So, you can set up different categories in the blink of an eye. With Deluxe 2.0 game portal a private can be virtual within a very short time Create marketplace for computer games. The layout adapts a template system easily and conveniently to their desires. The different functions representing another peculiarity which are available to the logged-on user’s disposal. So videos and photos on individual offers can be, for example, with just a few mouse clicks easily.

An integrated solution for the integration of different social bookmarking providers ensures the networking with other solutions. A RSS feed link that opens to the offer of the respective game portal for other systems on the Internet provides a further spread. A Google map integration ensures the regional alignment of individual offers and requests. Wilfred Lindo says: the connection to different Web2. 0 systems is particularly for the users of the game portal of great importance. Used correctly, the individual display undergoes a huge distribution, which is not comparable with classic classifieds. So its own offering is fast and overlapping in the Internet famous.” The operators of the game portal has the choice, free to operate the system and to implement as funding exclusively through advertising. Alternatively, also the offer can be partially or completely paid online. The system developed under PHP relies on a MySQL database, and provides sufficient performance for larger solutions. The categories can be selected here individually and can be adjusted within the operation. Using a demo system, every interested party can already meet the individual functions in advance.