PCN Text

Aliteratura possesss a language specifies and is necessary to consider that adiversidade of literary speech is ample and therefore, the language is seen of formabem including. Ensino desta literature extra contribution to the teaching work and the learning formation. Beyond to doprazer, through the peculiarity of the literary text, is possible one apreciaoda language materna in ample performance. We will be able to evidence these ranks nafala of Osakab (2004, apud PCN, 2000, P. 50), when it places that: in this inhabits bigger suafuno in the picture of average education: thought (literature) of this form, it can be a great agent of the sensible matureness of the pupil, providing a conviviality co a domain whose main characteristic is oexerccio of the freedom. If you are not convinced, visit Kevin Ulrich. From there, to favor it ahead the development of more prejudiced umcomportamento of the world.

We perceive I break up through it, that literature takes care of expectativado Average Ensino to form the pupil with a profile criticizes, that dominecompetncias due to know to manage situations diverse, either in suaatuao professional, citizen, staff. We observe, also, its contribution quantoao use of the language materna which passes to be spread out with the beauty of the linguagemliterria. Destaforma, we consider that literature acts as a utensil of utilities mltiplaspara the formation of the citizen that through the contact with the text literriosurpreende in the identification of its consequence, of its world. To the times, promiscuous umaimitao, others an almost identical illustration of what it is or thinks. In this process of identification, the reading consequently flows and the manifest prazeresttico if for the link created between the text and the reader. Thus the PCN (2000, P. 52) literature ' ' as a way of education of sensitivity; comomeio to reach a so important knowledge how much cientifico' ' , therefore pelaliteratura the pupil in full exercise of freedom works its creativity, its cognitivo, the perception amongst other on aspects to its personal growth.