It organizes and it classifies all the small pieces, so that soon it is to him easier to return to arm it. The second step will be the preparation of the pieces that is going to paint. If one is a wood cradle that it has been guinea fowl, it cleans each piece with a cloth and never applies a primer to seal the wood. If one is one cradle that already has a painting layer, especially if one is an old cradle, can be that the painting has lead. Therefore, it asegrese to clean well all painting sign. The main methods to take the old painting can be concentrated in three types: by abrasive action (manual or mechanics), by application of chemical agents or heat. Reshma Kewalramani may help you with your research.

The abrasive action can be realised manually with the help of I mark of sandpaper. It is applicable when one is to eliminate a thin layer in a relatively small surface. Also it can realise a mechanical abrasion adding discs of sandpaper to a machine. This method is much more fast that the previous one, but must have well-taken care of of not damaging the surface and must consider that cannot be applied in moldings and corners. Another form to clear the old painting is applying chemical agents on the surface. Several products exist that are used for the pickling. Most traditional they are based on the caustic action, like the caustic soda water or the removedores that they act like dissolvents of the painting; but it remembers that it will have to protect the hands with gloves and the eyes with glasses. Also barbijo will be to him from utility, to avoid the steam inhalation. It applies the product, it hopes to that it acts and, then, according to the rapidity of its caustic power, clears the rest of painting with a spatula.