Old Construction

The Adonias writer Son offers, in sualiteratura on the roots of the civilization of a cacao, many points in common comJorge Loved in what respect to the construction of the ideas is said it related and ainfluncia of the subject of the death and emotions in the contemporaneidade of parricides, incestuous, fratricides etc. Credit: VP – Corporate Planning-2011. In its romances, as the Servants of the Death (1946), Memriasde raggedy beggar (1961), Alive Body (1962), Luanda Side Bahia (1971) and the Old ones (1975), the formamfios narratives of the tram, vises that however if interlaces, however if they distanciam in the construction doimaginrio concerning tragic deaths. The literary construction of the identidaderegional collaborated in the formation of an image of this society of the cacao made of siprpria. Regional literature started to validate, in the imaginary plan, the existnciada civilization of the cacao, contributed with aluses on the identidaderegional, related the identities national and bahian, being thus, lived ecriadas for many authors. When joining fiction and history, literature was degrande aid in the construction of a social memory. Being memory a fenmenosocial influenced for the relations between the citizen that it remembers and the fatosocorridos ones.

The memory, while preservation of information, is constituted by umconjunto of functions for which the individual it brings up to date passed, vriosepisdios facts, with little importncias, will be forgotten the individual memory. Amemria is a basic element in the construction of the individual identity and dasociedade. 1. Decultura in culture: Some mixtures of Brazil. Inside of the studied workmanship, Adonias Son, leaves a little of side the regionalistic Saga of the cacao and turns toward the study deuma Bahia of its traditions and roots. The express author its hybrid comcaractersticas personages whom the miscegenation of colonized the happened races retrocedes emterras. In elapsing of the workmanship, he can yourself be perceived the Brazilian representaesidentitrias, a rescue of the cultural memory of the regiocacaueira, mentioning itself cultural the ethnic differences, a rupture with asorigens and one retaken to the tradition.