Office Property

Rent real estate increased in 2007 to 40.7% and reached 1163 euro per square meter per year. This data from the report of Jones Lang LSalle European Office Property Clock Q4 2007." Rental Class A offices in the euro area in the value increased by 10.5% compared to last year. The main objects of the growth rate began to Oslo (56.9%), Moscow (41.7%) and Athens (40.7%). The capital of Norway on these factors lead for the second consecutive quarter. The authors believe that the cause of this increase rents in this segment is consistently high growth economies. The report reviewed 32 intelligence office real estate market of class A. The main criteria for selection of office space have become the location of the office (only the city center) and his area (500 square meters. m).

Top three from last quarter remained unchanged. The most expensive office real estate is still for rent in the UK capital London, the West End. Prices for office rent here is 1685 euros per year per square meter. Then come Moscow (1163 euros) and the City of London (967 euros). Declining unemployment in Europe has given reason to increase rents office space in the fourth quarter. In Europe overall, the rate per period increased by 1.5%.

The biggest growth has Luxembourg – 14.3%. EU economy in 2007 showed only a 2.8% growth. Johny ive is often quoted on this topic. Forecast for 2008 – just 2.1%. The main reasons for the slowdown is the economic shocks: permanent changes in interest rates by central banks and the credit crunch. For all that, none of the analysts do not deny the continued growth of rental rates, but rates are not as great as before. Centralization of modern markets and total urbanization more than a decade will play the role of drivers of economic transformation. But this is how it will affect the cost of leasing office space while neizvestno.V Krasnodar Residential rose in price Real Estate in Krasnodar, because of the banking crisis in April, has grown in value. Growth should slow down in May. According to company "A Costa" in Krasnodar, the average cost of 1 sq. km. m of housing in the primary market is 54.4 thousand rubles. "For I quarter 2008 the average cost of 1 sq. km. m changed by 2.75%, which is at 0.92% per month. But in April the figure was about 6.3%. Such a jump in prices is a consequence of the banking crisis of the late January – early February 2008 This behavior of real estate market – it is a natural phenomenon. In May, growth in house prices should be considerably less – 2-3% ", – said Head of Reference Service" A Coast info Dmitri Markov. Value of sold apartments in the secondary and primary markets in April was 57.95% and 42.05% respectively. In the secondary market in one-room apartments, the price of 1 sq. km. m amounted to 57.6 thousand, two-room – about 55.5 thousand, three-room – 51,4 thousand, four-room – 52,6 thousand. Primary real estate market of Krasnodar cost of 1 sq. km. m of living space in one-room flats was 47.8 thousand, two-room – 46,8 thousand, three-room – 45.2 thousand, four-room – 45.2 thousand