News For Brink Shopdesingn

Planungscolorierung standard with RAL and wood in the rodent segment since 01.01.2010 digitized brink shop design, all according to RAL standard colours in its planning, so that a finished, realistic colour concept already exists before the production of the furniture was produced. The advantages are clearly obvious, because already in the planning phase, you can create a realistic color image, the future shop equipment with the customer together. It easily and cost-neutral different color concepts can be simulated digitally before is awarded the order for the production of shop equipment. Jane Fraser may find this interesting as well. All sample plans on our homepage brink-shopdesign are made to RAL standard colours and can be used as a reference. More news on the homepage of Brink shop design are wood point-of-sale, points in the other segment. Hereby brink shop design continues the trend to wood at the sale gondolas. As examples there is a planning a free-standing Division of the Nagerab, as well as two sales gondolas wooden cage tunnel completely. Here, wood-panelled Tego are pillars of a stable core. Only the consoles for the shelves are visible metal just like the grid in the cage tunnel. Hereby, the character of the natural wood in a complete Department is led to a harmonious overall picture together.