Naturopathic Medicine

Hypnosis is a form of therapy, which practiced millennia at different levels is wife Dr. med. Martina pago wilting leads a private medical practice in Lunen for almost 10 years. Focus is mainly the Hypnotherapy in addition to broadband sessile determined on naturopathic medicine. A community practice is for two years with her husband, Mr Dr.

med. Thomas Welke. “Jutta Schutz (JS): wife Dr. Martina pago wilt, which is why you have decided to open a purely private medical practice?” Dr. Martina pago Welke (M P-W): already during his studies, I become that medicine has much more to offer than just the pure allopathic medicine. Even then, I made my acupuncture training at the University of Giessen. The continuing education of Naturopathic Medicine”was a logical consequence of on my way.

Especially when it comes to chronic diseases, but also in case of acute, there are very often naturopathic ways which equivalent to allopathic methods can be employed and have no side effect potential. For this therapy However takes time, and not only the stomach pain or similar because it takes into account not only one aspect but in its wholeness (body/mind/soul) treated the patient. You can not implement unfortunately these paths in a panel doctor practice.” JS: A practice focus is hypnosis therapy with you. Why are you using this unusual form of therapy?” M P-W: hypnosis is a form of therapy practiced millennia at different levels. Modern hypnosis therapy, on the basis of Milton H. Erickson designed itself organizationally and works both directly as well as indirectly-oriented solution to the problems. The patient takes his individual way of cure through hypnosis. This therapy is very successful and is well received by the patients, because it causes relatively quickly noticeable positive changes.” “JS: what diseases can be treated by hypnosis?” M P-W: the spectrum of treatment is very diverse.