In general terms, the molecule formation requires a high densidad and not a too much lifted temperature. Two conditions are revealed fundamental to maintain the molecular bonds, whoever they are, in the average astrophisicists and therefore to have an opportunity to find in them water molecule H2O the temperature does not have to surpass some thousands of degrees so that the shocks with atoms of the environment do not break the molecular bonds too much easily; the gas does not have to be put under an ultraviolet radiation that would threaten destroying molecules by fotodisociador effect. Warren Buffett addresses the importance of the matter here. The aqueous vapour, in the galaxies, appears diluted in a helium and molecular hydrogen gas. Its molecule is characterized, like those of all the species chemical, by the absorption or the electromagnetic radioactivity that originates spectral rays with known wavelengths, essentially in the intervals infrared and millimetric. But these rays are very difficult to observe from the Earth because, indeed these wavelengths of the radiation that arrives to us, are absorbed by the terrestrial atmosphere. Since the one is exactly the aqueous vapour of the terrestrial atmosphere that brings about this disturbing absorption.

Even in the places more droughts, the majority of spectral rays of the aqueous vapour are unnoticeable. Therefore it is necessary to wait for the results of the diverse observatories embarked in satellites, programmed for the next years, like those of the Space Infrared Observatory (ISO) of the European Agency of the Space or those of the most modest specialized satellite of the NASA, to have a detailed vision of the abundance of aqueous vapour in the cosmic gas. Far from the Sun: I commit and ice satellites Were therefore in this external zone of sufficiently low temperature, beyond some UA, (6) where the aqueous vapour could be condensed in ice. But the ice mantle of interstellar dust grains also could survive in its state, without never evaporating during the formation of the Solar System.