Monte Corona

His close friendship with the island’s President allowed him to put his ideas in a unique way on his home island, but also on La Gomera and Tenerife. So the visit of the artworks he created “Mirador del Rio”, “Los Jameos del Agua” or “Cuevas Verde” and “El Diablo” are available in the Timanfaya National Park with its active Volcanism on the program. 1824 held the last volcanic eruption on Lanzarote, the island a biosphere reserve was declared in 1993. We discover the path of Gull also high up in the cliff of Famara cliffs and explore the National Park of Ajaches mountains. The huge Caldera Blanca and the volcanoes of Mancha Blanca await us. Other hiking can lead us around the blossoming Valley of 1000 palms. For all adventurous group, an underground hike also offered by the tourist unknown lava tunnel of Monte Corona.

After the hike, curl daily beautiful beaches for swimming and relaxing. Excursions to the most beautiful and most interesting Places and places of the island, on request also a boat trip to the island of Graciosa with walk and bath top. Dance on a volcano – the elements up close! Who once stood on the rim of a volcano of Monte Corona will certainly not forget this experience. We get …und continuing with “Flares” in an additional tourist cave, as “Explorers” are completely thrilled – and almost convinced to have just discovered this cave! And indeed, there are miles underground lava caves on Lanzarote, of which many are completely untapped. Not somewhere else in the Canary Islands, the four elements are fire, water, so close to Earth and air, as ubiquitous as on Lanzarote.

Although the island tourism lives and proud, it has far from the tourist centers maintain their authenticity how-to, it has managed the balancing act between tradition and modernity, and the design of the island and many houses and tourist facilities have succeeded in consistently. Surprisingly for many: even here, farming! Over the centuries, the locals managed to wrest wine and other agricultural goods the poor soil, by cleverly using the ability of volcanic ash, to save water and gradually return. On ancient paths through Lanzarote because of its beauty for example the old Camino de Guatifay, an old traditional, carved in rock mountain path, since time immemorial, the local fishermen used about the Famara cliffs down to get to the reddish shimmering salt flats of Rio and the secluded Playa del Risco is famous. Often only small paths and steep paths lead hiking to secluded, beautiful bays to this beautiful, secluded coves and beaches. The refreshing dip in the waves of the turquoise vibrant Atlantic here is all the more important. The vital99plus fasting hiking week takes you in with pleasant (light) hiking stages from 3-5 hours through the wonderful landscape of Lanzarote (and of course also in the fire mountains)! A possible visit and a hike on the island of la Graciosa upstream in the North can complete this fasting hiking trip. Hiking in Lanzarote simply unforgettable! Hiking level: easy to medium mostly good way in easy terrain, walking time 3-5 hours per day. Only more isolated UPS and downs from 200 m to 400 m. Low to medium demands on stamina and Surefootedness. Also suitable for participants, the otherwise not or little hike. For more information, dates, prices and details see fastenwandern_lanzarote.htm