Mexican Political Parties

Through political history it is possible to be observed the development and the tendency of the political parties and its performance with the society. Each political party has adopted with time a political ideology, which has carried out in its system of government and who has allowed Mexico to have diversity of thought and handling of the policy. Mexico counts on approximately 8 political parties. Within these tendencies we found that the parties of right center have adopted democratic and capitalist systems of government, whereas the approach of the left parties is socialist. It is possible to mention that these tendencies not always have been this way since the political ideologies have changed like the political parties.

To others the tendencies that each political party has used, have allowed that Mexico undergoes diverse types of government and who looks for the best way to be developed. Also this has allowed that Mexico is a democratic country and that has the opportunity to choose its governors, although within his disadvantages we found that the differences between political ideologies sometimes do not allow that it reaches a common agreement in the decision making from the government, to others the differences and rivalries between political parties has caused that this decision making is based on either of the parties and not in communal property of the society, since often it is to realise what the party wants and not what is really advisable. On the other hand the government must contribute obtained economic bottoms of the taxes for the political campaigns of each party. When one looks for to the future project of a political party and his long term development we must evaluate certain characteristics although three exist that are of extreme importance to understand that tendency is taking the parties. These three aspects will be evaluated with greater thoroughness and is of extreme importance that parties take the political them into account to be able to improve their development.