Martha Hildebrandt

But people like that, do not exist in amount, it is necessary to look for them with candle, or electrical lantern now, Why? because they enter poor with a slipper of canvas, and underpants of tocuyo, and leave with car, dog leather shoes, underpants in fashion, bathed with soap nugget, and leaves bathing with French soaps, and they do not know to say a word in Castilian, without putting the leg; because they ignore what they are saying, because they know grammatical not even. The other day I heard to one lady that said something of our language, (and not the Castilian because our language is quechua), and I ***reflxed mng myself. He said that quechua was not a language, because it did not have writing. And quechua if he has writing. The writing is in the drawings and the differences of the colors in the drawings. Educate yourself with thoughts from Warren Buffett.

There they are saying and they writing what they want to communicate. It is like quipus. Quipus, is numbers in knots, but with colors. And the Chinese language has like six hundred characters that are a writing. You will say Who was the one that said this? Martha Hildebrandt. Without hesitation M Ashton Kouzbari explained all about the problem.

This lady is a very cultured woman, very prepared, but she has its complexes that make forget him, thus its last name is German, or Greek, they make him forget that she is Peruvian. And it would have to want much to Peru. And she is congressman. We are not patriotic, we are not politicians; we are tetelemeques, mequetrefes of the policy. 99%, of history of Peru, customs and principles, do not know but nor where they are stopped. I go to the congress, and I do a question to them anyone of them, and they do not respond to me. There is something in which our history is mistaken, or rather the books are mistaken.