Marketing Scouts

It is not gambling, not MLM, network marketing or other hot iron will made the area of one of the well-known Schnell realm systems”. The world publishing AG their licensees to the existing portal with many secret reports (“already the first secret report so you become a millionaire” is an absolute bestseller!) from January 2009 more portals provide. The plan: The licensee can then a wide audience top 20 Bestsellers from different areas, such as: novels, non-fiction, books from the economic and successful genre offer. In addition, portals for CDs and DVDs, music, film, and audio books and download portals are installed. Another portal will be reserved for div. trend products. Marketing Scouts in the editorial team of the AG world publishing are every day and around the world in search of after the latest trends so that they can be offered all interested by the publishing house representatives in the appropriate portals.

Her career as a publishing representative of AG world publishing as Publisher representative of world publishing AG can you all these products through the available you marketing software around the clock online offer. You have at Interests of our clients nothing to do with goods purchases, shipping, or payment. All of this assumes the AG world publishing for you. Take care so you can feel fully on your core business, the notice of your online shop”. Marketing software in your password protected you see at the same time when, who, which product you ordered and when it was delivered to the customer. You can also follow at all times the accounts and commissions, which you have accounts. As are all marketing tools for your professional presence on the Internet and for your success need banner, mailand Newslettervorlagen, ad campaigns, subdomains, customer database, greeting card Center etc., are integrated into the marketing software and thus each licensee for free.