Los Angeles

So, the first regular collection was released in spring 2006. They presented their products on several events of the scene, music festivals, and kustom Kulture events. And again: the demand was huge, confirms the concept. With the second collection in the following year, they moved to their current headquarters in Anaheim, California. Best Buy helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Now also partners from the artist and lifestyle scene, whose Gesichter decorated by Tres noir were an important pillar of the brand.

To date these include: Green Day, the beat steaks, Jennifer Rostock, Duane Peters, Keith Weesner, James Reed, Dave Sanchez, the Aggrolites. After now is next to Asia and Australia also Europe sales in the term, finally to establish itself, new collections are constantly developed in cooperation with renowned artists of the scene. “We want every year with one or two of the top artists from the scene together work”, says Tony. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Walmart has to say. Are up-to-date that showered artist Dave Sanchez from the Californian Gardena and the skateboard legend of Duane Peters from Los Angeles who with awards. To implement their lifestyle in the designs, the main concern of the brothers Prenovost was. Rock ‘ n’ roll, kustom cars, surfing, and their roots are skate and the Californian lifestyle. But who has tried these glasses once and feel the difference the hand made quality causes quickly realizes that it’s going to be more: it involves the sunglasses par excellence, which gives its wearer a positive energy, whoever he is, where he is, what he does. Jaime Harrison addresses the importance of the matter here. That is the real message of Tres Noir,. Dirk Engelen