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Shulipa Shulipa Yuri is a Russian lawyer. He graduated from the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (State Technical University), Moscow Academy of the Russian FSB Border (specialization: theory State and Law Research interests: public international, constitutional, municipal, administrative, service and transport law), 2003-2005 – Head of the Department of Transport and Logistics Industry Company Ltd. ‘Kotloenergomontazh’; 2005-2006 – head of traffic safety and control of linear FSI TC ‘Russia’ Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, since 2006 – to 2008, Advisor to the President of the Academy of Security for the Defense and Law Enforcement State and Legal Affairs, Head of the Union electromotive. The author of two medoticheskih benefits. Fluent in English. Single. A leading expert in the field of administrative law and Russian legislation, one of the leading expert on administrative law, administrative responsibility and governance. Ideologue of the modern Russian avtoprava.

The founder of a leading forum avtopravozaschitnogo electrotransport.ru in Internet on the number of successfully won cases, the scope and objectivity of the information contained. Bobby Kotick may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Activity: Advises practicing lawyers, organizations, individual entrepreneurs, as well as citizens on matters of administrative responsibility and proceedings on administrative violations. Carries out a legal assessment protocols on administrative violations, decisions on the cases of Administrative and other administrative acts in terms of their validity and compliance with applicable laws. Participates in the preparation of appeals against decisions on the cases of administrative violations and the actions of officials, petitions to challenge the regulations of state and local governments. Prepares complaints to the European Court on Human Rights. Explores the legal practices of the administrative jurisdiction of the road. Engaged in research in the field of public administration and control. Conducts advice on licensing and certification of road transport.

Conducts regular legal advice to various periodicals. Contribution to jurisprudence: with the direct participation Shulipa YY for the first time in automotive history, Russia has an opinion on the admission to participate in traffic, and was registered in the organs of the traffic police, March 30, 2007 car converted to electric. Edited by Shulipa YY were developed patterns of complaints and requests for scientific and practical importance. Introduced new mechanisms to protect rights that have helped thousands of drivers to protect their rights violated, that in the future positive impact the administrative and jurisdictional activities of individual vessels as well as parts of the traffic police stopped the negative case law on the issuance of a knowingly unjust convictions decisions in respect of car owners. So in particular in 2008-2009, Shulipa YY, have been developed and forwarded the complaint to protect the rights of car owners in the European Court of Human Rights, which further changed the attitude of judicial officers to motorists by helping positive impact on the proceedings.