Latin Birth

The birth chart, also known under the name of natal horoscope has its origin from the Latin word radix, the root. The natal chart represents the sky, as he has shown from the Earth to the birth date of a person. This individual horoscope is made based on the exact birth and minutes of latitude and longitude of the birthplace of the person. The natal chart shows the constellation of sun, moon and planets. Was once more drawn with a compass and protractor in hard work, a small image, the computer now takes the astrologers from this work. Tell someone about his star sign, it refers mostly to the astrological position of the sun on the day of his birth.

This is also the sun sign. The ascendant is in contrast to the character that appears in the moment of birth on the eastern horizon. He is the first impression that creates a person in their environment through their behavior. Our character is from the sun, our recognizable face of the outside world is determined by the ascendant. Not too is neglect of the moon.

He also plays an important role in the natal chart, but it provides insight into the soul of a man. Our feelings, our moods are drawn from it. The moon is so far for the psyche. This may be thought of an onion. Outside the dried shell, inside the hidden complexity. Now dissolved, the layers one after the other down, before we plunge to the depths, to the heart of the onion. Thus, we can also penetrate to the essence of a person. How we behave, however, if this hidden feelings come to light? What to do when we are confronted with unexpected situations, with our own passion? The correct interpretation of a horoscope is high art, one must take into account but many other factors in the preparation.